Continuity of Care
Thank you for taking your time and learning about our practice.  We are here to take care of your skin, hair, and nails.  Dr. William Shields and Dr. Jonathan Schreiber are long-time collegues and trusted dermatologists with a lasting connection of becoming the new provider for Dr. William Shields patients with continuity of your current care.  
The Denbigh location is partnered with Intregrated Dermatology Group and will be equipped to treat you and your loved ones with elite infrastruture and supplies.  All patient's are vital, please choose the best option based on your last visit with Dr. Shields and fill out our Medical Records Release form.  
For patients' who would like Dr. Schreiber to review your records before scheduling a visit, send signed form to Dr. Shields office and call Judy Hadswell at 757-874-0320 to send off.  Our office will call you to make an appointment when received.  We are able to see you within the month with your records on location.
We are happy to fill out the form and request the records before your visit with Dr. Schreiber, as well.  Our practice manager, Judy Hadswell email is and will process your request.  
Our medical team is trained to seamlessly support Dr. Schreiber for him to treat new and existing patients' before we receive a medical history.  Patient Care is our Priority, feel free to schedule a visit anytime, we will take care of your skin!  Call us: 757-874-0320  Email Judy Hadsell and contact us to 
Request an Appointment             RSVP for Event                      Questions

For those who are diagnosed with skin cancer and/or were scheduled for surgery, please call Judy Hadswell, at 757-874-0320, to be placed into Dr. Jonathan Schreiber's calender.  During your appointment, Dr. Jonathan Schreiber will be able to examine your skin, while gathering your patient history with our revolutionary ipad system for a comprehensive experience.    

For patients' who were scheduled to see Dr. Shields, Dr. Schreiber will be practicing at the new location weekly with your medical records scanned into our system.   

For those who are in need of a refill and it has been less than six months seeing Dr. Shields, Dr. Schreiber is legally able to provide one refill and an appointment must be made within the month for review.   For those who are over six months, Dr. Schreiber is medically obligated to examine you first.  

For those on a biologic, contact your insurance company and a biological representative to inform them of the change in provider from Dr. Shields to Dr. Schreiber.  We will receive a notification of the change and Sue Lamb, ID psoriasis director, will contact you to schedule a visit with our provider for your next treatment.   The biologic will be mailed to you and/or us based on your choice.  

For those on Accutane, contact your insurance company and Accutane and update them of the new provider change.   Contact Sue Lamb, ID practice manager at 757-461-1033, to be placed in Dr. Schreiber's calender before the next 30-day cycle begins.  

For those who would like to seek treatment elsewhere, contact the office for their process.  

We are here for you!