Signature Medical Spa Services
Welcome to Integrated Dermatology of Newport News Signature Services and Thank you for visiting our medical spa.  We provide methods safest for our patients' concerns. Your aesthetic care is personalized to your lifestyle by our Master Esthetician, Lynne Hicks. 
Year Round Beauty We offer an aesthetic evaluation with our Master Esthetician to analyze your skin and match you with the best service and product.
Signature Medical Spa Facials ~ 
The Signature Enhance Facial ~ features a lymphatic massage removing excess fluid 
Enhance Express Facial ~ our beauty solution for on the go 
BLU-U Blue Light PhotoDynamic Therapy ~ a pain-free acne treatment
Smooth MicroDermabrasion Facial ~ diamond-tip for a polished glow
Refine Dermaplaning Facial ~ free of skin cells and fuzz
Calm LED Light Therapy Facial ~ blue light treats inflammation ~ red light relaxes lines

Targeted Solution Peels ~ 

SkinCeuticals advance care is based in science designed to treat your specific skin concern.

SkinCeuticals Advanced Corrective Peel ~ refines texture and hyperpigmentation

SkinCeuticals Gel Peel ~ anti-aging treatment designed to revitalize skin's barrier 

SkinCeuticals Micro30% Peel renews radiance and firmness

Beauty Boosters ~

Beauty Boosters are a wonderful way to provide the next-level to your skin care beauty regime prolonging the effects in-between treatments and procedures.

Kojic Acid Serum ~ natural skin lightening agent
Vitamin C Serum ~ antioxidant for enhanced glow
Retinol Serum ~ acne prevention and exfoliation
Peptide Serum ~ hydrates and firms
Hydration Serum ~ deep-skin conditoning 
Neck Firming Serum ~ lifts and tightens
~ Aesthetic Add-Ons ~ 
LED Light Therapy
Microdermabrasion ~ face, hands, and/or decolletage