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“As we move toward finding a cure for psoriasis, what we are looking for are high performance drugs that provide durable response in between treatments and that lend themselves to patient compliance — in this case 12 weeks. This lessens the need for multiple injections along the way,” said George Martin, M.D., in a statement issued by the National Psoriasis Foundation where he serves as a member of its medical board. Learn More about new Treatment

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Click image to learn more ~ The Surgeon General Warns people to end tanning due to wife's recurrence of melanoma.

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 Sun Pharmaceutical's Ilumya was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat adults with moderate to severe cases of the skin condition plaque psoriasis, who are also candidates for systemic therapy or phototherapy.

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“With the approval of Ilumya and our long-standing commitment in dermatology, we are focused on making a difference for people living with moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis,” Abhay Gandhi, president and CEO of the North American division of Sun Pharma, said in a press release.