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Mohs micrographic surgery is a specialized technique removing skin cancer one layer at a time in the sensitive areas of face, ears, hands, lower back, and shins.  Mohs Surgery increases the cure rates, while minimizing the scar by preserving the healthy skin.  

The first tissue layer is removed and processed for one hour and more than one layer may be needed, repeating the process up to 6 to 8 layers and hours.  

Our Licensed Histotech cares for the patient's tissue and cases with our On-site Mohs Laboratory embedding and placing the segments on slides for Dr. Miladi to analyze.

Meet Mohs Surgeon Dr. Anis Miladi

Dr. Miladi determines when all of the malignant cells have been removed and the area can be repaired with grafts and sutures.  Wound care is provided and depending on the type of repair, sutures removed in the Dr. Hullett's office a week later with our Newport News Medical Team.  Our providers will guide care of the incision area, if needed.   

Meet Our Newport News Clinical Team

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Elizabeth and Zack ~ Histotechs

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